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Update on Hours & Procedures

Effective November 18, 2020, most indoor operations at businesses are prohibited in Michigan pursuant to the Gatherings and Face Mask Order issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Based on this Order, Lumbertown Law is implementing some changes in the way we're operating.

First and foremost, we are reducing the number of hours that we are physically in the office, and we are working remotely from home as much as possible. While working from home, we will still have access to our email and all of our electronic records. We will also have access to our phone system, and have arranged for our phone calls to be temporarily forwarded to our cell phones when we are not in the office.

Second, we are making an effort to meet with clients remotely whenever possible to reduce in-person interaction. We will remain available for in-person meetings by appointment only when a virtual meeting is not possible. Masks will be required during all in-person meetings, and we will continue to clean and sanitize our office regularly to ensure the safety of those who do need to come in to our office.

If you do need to come in to our office for any reason, please call or email us beforehand to make sure that someone will be in the office to assist you.

For any clients that may have upcoming court dates, we are constantly communicating with the Courts to determine whether those appearances will be in-person or held remotely. We will contact you ahead of time to inform you how to prepare for any court appearance.

We are committed to providing the level of service our clients deserve and expect from us during this difficult time while at the same time doing our part to curb the spread of COVID-19, and we ask for your patience and understanding as we do so. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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