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Lumbertown Law is Here for You

Lumbertown Law is still open for business and providing legal services!

For estate planning, we're prepared to assist you prepare or update your estate plan while practicing the recommended social distancing. We can review existing estate planning documents and provide written recommendations for your consideration via email or letter, and then prepare drafts of these revised documents for you to review at home. We can meet via conference call or using online communication platforms to discuss your goals and objectives, and to discuss questions about estate planning documents. When it comes time to meet to review and sign any necessary documents, we will be sure to keep meetings brief when possible, but we are still offering in-person meetings to sign documents to comply with signature requirements to make sure your documents are valid.

Opening a probate estate at this time may be challenging depending on the county in which the estate needs to be opened, but to the extent possible we are still processing and submitting probate documents for filing. Trust administration is largely unaffected, and we are here to answer your trust administration questions in person, by phone or by online video communication.

Business clients affected by this outbreak can rest assured that we're here to review its impact on existing contracts and to assist with other business matters. Many small businesses are likely to see significant effects from this pandemic, and we are here to help navigate times of uncertainty.

Real estate issues which can be resolved outside of court can still be addressed now. Much like estate planning, we can meet electronically or correspond via email to discuss your real estate issues.

One thing that is certain right now is that this situation is evolving and changing rapidly. Lumbertown Law is monitoring the situation closely, and we are committed to being available to our clients as much as possible. We may need to make changes in our hours or our availability, and will communicate those changes here.

Thanks for your continued support, and stay healthy!


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