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Kevin Huss Updates Estate Planning Certificate

Earlier this year, Kevin Huss attended the ICLE Probate & Estate Planning Institute - a 3-day seminar hosted by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education at the Grand Traverse Resort. After completing that seminar, he has received an updated certificate in the areas of Probate & Estate Planning issued by the Institute of Continuing Legal Educaiton.

Kevin prioritizes continuing legal education to ensure that Lumbertown Law provides its clients with cutting edge legal services and the most up to date information possible.

Michigan attorneys are not required to attend any continuing legal education whatsoever to maintain their license to practice law. We believe that regularly attending seminars and staying current on changes in the law and how the practice of law is evolving is critically important.

Kevin first completed the Institute of Continuing Legal Education's Probate & Estate Planning Certificate Program in 2015. He regularly attends the Probate & Estate Planning Institute to ensure that he maintains and updates this certificate each year.

When you're looking for an attorney to assist you with probate or estate planning matters, be sure to ask whether that attorney prioritizes continuing education in these areas.


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